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About me

My passion is Blitz scaling Growth by People Engineering

Hard working

Leading expert

Hi, My Name is EMRE TOK.

  • Growth & Product Marketing Professional
    24 years of Experience
  • Industrial Engineer with an MBA
  • Former SVP Growth & Marketing-Kingmakers.com
  • Former CEO in One Tech Capital LLC
  • Former VP of Growth – Free-Now
  • Former VP of Growth & Digital – Careem
    Acquired by Uber for 3.2B $
  • Former Senior Product Lead-Microsoft
    Senior Product Marketing Manager – UK
    – Online & Compete Lead – Turkey
  • Former Head of VAS Services – Turkcell
    Leading TELCO In Turkey
    Head of Value Added Internet Services

    He is avid Start-Up Angel & Seed Investor. You can find the investments he have made here

Emre is passionate about life, sports and his core family… He is from Istanbul but living in Dubai with his wife and daughter…

He had run several long-distance running races which he can listen himself while running day/night more than 25-30 hours…

He has competed and completed various races running between 55km to 126km

He loves nature and mountains where he can camp and run… You can read his stories in the below articles he wrote…

– Ultra Trail Mont Blanc 201020112012
Paris Eco Trail 80 Km
Transgrancanaria 126 Km
SDW 50 Miles
Iznik Ultra 80 Km

Also he is super passionate about, history, classic cars, vintage toy playmobils and matchbox cars and has six bicycles as an avid indoor and outdoor cyclist.

– Sea Kayaker and kayak owner
– Certified CMAS Scuba Diver
– First Aid Specialist
– Owns more than 1500 books, a true bookworm

He and his friends built Turkey’s first Ultra marathon Movie , ‘Pathway to Dreams’ and his own documentary ‘Trangrancanaria’…

Emre and his wife are blogging since 2006 on award winning travelogue, Geziyorum.net

The blog has won  Turkey Blog Awards `09 & `08. Twice finalist in Altın Örümcek 2006-201