His core focus is on helping small to medium sized companies achieve their full potential through full-funnel marketing

He believes investing in detailed customer growth frameworks and strategies that are the key elements for growing any business.

He believes in resilience, hard work, tenacity as well as strongly advises start-ups and companies that Growth is a well thought process not some quick tactics.

He consults companies on the following topics:

  • Understanding the customer journey & finding the quick levers to get organic growth
  • Guiding to help building Customer Journey Mapping and Sales Funnel strategies
  • Identify core product loop and north star metric
  • Guiding on cost, Campaign & Product optimizations and A/B testing
  • Marketing & Growth Automation Vision as well as growth hacking processes
  • Growth Mindset and Education the C-Level around Growth
  • Growth Organization Setup and scouting for talent for the company